UK Laptops sold me a broken Laptop

Brisbane, Queensland 1 comment
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I bought a Dell Studio laptop for just under £500 from UK Laptops Limited

When it arrived it looked healthy and worked fine for approximately a month. Then the problems started, it overheated and shutdown, gave off electric shocks when being charged and after only one month made an extremely loud scraping noise so could no longer be used.

So as it was under warranty I returned it to UK laptops, this took another 3 months as they ignored a letter from customs.

It was finally returned to me after another month with all the problems 'fixed'....

I had found that the keypad keys no longer functioned and they charger was broken.

So in summary I had 2 months of usage, 4 months getting 'fixed' and now have a laptop with broken keypad and charger.

Don't buy from UK Laptops Limited

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